J. Reese Runyan

Hi, I’m Jamie.
I may be silly, but I believe that good typography makes life a smidge better.

It makes me smile.

A tiny gallery of projects and info to tell you a bit about me. And once we are good friends, we can started working together.

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I made all these book covers



I crush typesetting!

Web Design & Development

I wireframe, I prototype, your front-end will bow before my might.
In this project, I created numerous interfaces for internal and external needs.

MCL iMac (2)@2x
rwSample Pages@2x

The client supplied the logo.
I did everything else!


One day, I needed artwork for my wall. And I knew I would only be satisfied by a creation of my own.

Taking inspiration from Lichtenstein, Warhol and Shinichirō Watanabe, I designed this to be two wrapped canvases to be placed side by side in my living room.

I think it is fantastic.
I hope you agree!

Asset 56@2x


My client had a vision that began with a single black and white photo of a tree.

Asset 70WB

We discussed her inspirations and goals, and I expanded the themes and ideas into a complete brand.

I made her vision a reality.

Asset 70WB

My name is Jamie Runyan, and I’m passionate about creating, appreciating, and sharing beautiful things and experiences with the world. And I do that through design. Outside of design, you can find me reading, improving my watercolor skills, or trying to make something fabulous in the kitchen.

I’m a graphic designer, typesetter, and UX/UI obsessive. I believe that the creative I deliver must focus on user experience. I take a big-picture approach to ensure long-term success.

Sometimes, I may know what you need before you even know what you want.

We might need to chat for a bit in order to get on the same page. But no matter what, I’ll figure out what is right for you.

Even though I started doing design work part-time in high school and college, I got my degree in English. It might seem like there’s a wide gap between design and writing, but in many ways, they are closely related, whether it is problem-solving something that is difficult to communicate, working through multiple rounds of revisions, or examining the multiple ways to approach a project.

I was fortunate to have early mentors who showed me the joy of design, and I bring that endless enthusiasm to my creative journeys every day. It is so satisfying to work with clients and get the project done right, whether it is an easy win or multiple rounds back and forth to reach something we all love.

Although I was raised in the suburbs of Chicago, I was always a city girl at heart. I now have a small house in the friendly neighborhood of Avondale, where there’s never a shortage of cool things to do and places to visit.

Let's make beautiful things together!

Thoughts? Projects? Careers? Get in touch!

(I can’t wait to get to know you.)